Friday, September 15, 2006

Two weeks to go...

In a little over two weeks, I leave for university up north in Durham at St Cuthbert's Society. At the moment my mind is full of questions - will it be freezing cold all year round? will I be able to get away with not going to lectures all year and still get the first I want? will my liver survive? and most importantly will the women be able to satisfy me?

Now a little about me... I'm a fairly average bloke - I like my beer, my sport and above all else women. At school I spent my time thinking of ways of getting another girl into my bed, dreaming of tasting between their thighs and chasing the impossible of pleasuring a teacher - never will I forget screwing PC over her desk the first time we did it. Rather ironic given she was supposed to be telling me off for 'inappropriate behaviour in church'! Currently I'm doing diddly squat except from seeing FF during the day and screwing her cousin AF by night while we're at work. Anyway, why am I letting you all know this? I feel I'm going to be able to present a reasonable view of student life, coupled with some saucy stories. Tomorrow I'm off to lunch with FF for a family meal - AF is going to be there so I'm confident of getting two dips for the price of one!